One of my first memories of making art involved designing landscapes with wooden blocks, toy cars, and action figures at my parents' house. I visualized animated components of a landscape and regularly explored different arrangements. Imagining systems and rearranging visual components has always been my passion.

I chose to attend University of Michigan’s Art and Design program because I wanted a curriculum with an inter-disciplinary approach to art and design in the context of a vast research institution. I continued my education at University of Chicago Department of Visual Arts because of its conceptual curriculum and to gain teaching experience in higher education.

My career as an information designer and artist has also been informed by my professional experiences working in the following jobs: Marketing Coordinator and then Website and Knowledge Management Coordinator at Inter-Cooperative Council Ann Arbor; Photo Editor and Collection Cataloguer at Roger Brown Study Collection SAIC; Designer at Wolff Landscape Architecture; Lab Monitor at Hack Arts Lab University of Chicago; Post-MFA Graduate Fellow at University of Chicago, Adjunct Professor at College for Creative Studies; Technical Support Representative at Jenner & Block LLP; Experience Designer at SPR; and freelance Audio-Visual Installation and Performance Artist.

Currently, I'm working on the Experience team at Slalom in the Detroit market.

I'm a continuous learner, and am excited to hear new perspectives and collaborate.

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