Visual / Graphic Design

& Studio Art

I synthesized a vector graphic of a cave silhouette with a close-up photograph of a painting I made to create this flyer for a music and art event that my friends and I planned and promoted.

Mobile App

Graphics and Branding

I came up with the idea for a mobile app that encouraged users to share audio recordings. I created the logo, branding, and visual components and my two team mates developed the code.

(click the arrows above to see different wireframes)

While using the app, you can listen to other users' recordings. You support the community by validating others' tags or adding them.

ICC Graphic Design and Marketing Flyer

I designed the messaging and graphics for this ICC flyer for the Marketing Committee. Our aim was to differentiate our offerings and increase membership.

ICC Information Graphic

I mapped the organizational structures at ICC.

ICC Homepage Wireframe

I created the color palette and layout for this news and events blog that provided members with a virtual bulletin board for connecting. The typography and graphics were inspired by electronic news and journal websites.

ICC News Blog Wireframe

This design used the "post" content type that many content management systems use for blogs. When designing digital visualizations, I focus on aesthetics, usability, and maintainability. For ADA compliance, I include semantic HTML tags, image captions and relative typography.

These sketch were created in Adobe Illustrator based on Salp research.

This graphic was designed for screen printing to spread awareness about elephants' endangered species status. This elephant and her baby dissolve into the pattern symbolizing their disappearing status.

I supported the Principal Landscape Architects by annotating this rendering and illuminating the line drawing with texture, color, and ornamental lines using AutoCAD.

Here are some graphics inspired by plants.

Here are some clips from motion graphics networks I've built in TouchDesigner. The bottom right GIF is video is a shot of my graphics projection mapped onto an installation.

Below are some more art projects inspired by our relationship with the physical and digital world and material life-cycles. Ideas and source material are repeated across mediums. My approach to my art practice is similar to my approach to living - reduce, reuse, regenerate.

"A memory from travels to my grandma's 80th bday"

Painting of digital space

A digital sketch for a painting

Light projections on cartons from craiglist's free stuff

see some of my older work at this old website here