Information Architecture, Experience Design, Creative Technologist

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I designed paper and digital prototypes to support a unified visual brand and designed a campaign.

This is a decision tree I created to support customer interactions with chatbots and live agents at Vroom.

I translated user pains into design deliverables for ICC leadership to create a prototype of a new website with user-centered information architecture. This photo shows some of the materials I developed for a meeting I led to create consensus among ICC staff about website stakeholders.

Together with my partner, I designed and implemented a Photoshop CS6 usability study to discover pain points and offer places to start prototyping solutions. When designing the test, I examined the usability of some heavily used features.

This application was developed in collaboration with two other programmers I met at a Hackathon at University of Michigan. Our mobile app was designed to be a field recording interface.

I have designed and developed websites for fun. You'll find the live links inside the project page.

South East Michigan Mobility Design Katta

I synthesized research on current and historical modes of transportation to explore opportunities for future investment in infrastructure in South East Michigan.