Vroom user journey & customer support flow

Client + Challenge

The product team and I began our research by each scanning over hundreds of transcripts from our customer support call center. Additionally, I interviewed and observed a call center employee to gain contextual understanding of Vroom's customers. Our objective was to reduce the number of calls to the call center to reduce resource needs (live agents).

Factors that lead to users calling in:

  • Vehicle listing isn't specific enough (calling in for clarification)

  • Need financial advice

  • Requesting Vroom authorization to get to next phase of the process

  • Confusion within the customer journey

Customer Journey

The X axis of the map contains the phases of a Vroom customer's journey:

Awareness, Consideration, Financing , Purchasing, Delivery, Test Period, Registration & Titling , Advocacy

The Y access contains the key areas to analyze:

User Actions, Touchpoints, Emotions, Pain Points, Possible Solutions

below is a close up of the map

This deliverable was used by the head of product when talking to Vroom's stakeholders about the need to invest in a chatbot to reserve the live agent support for unanswerable questions.

Chatbot & Live Agent Support Flow

I created Flows for on hours and off hours, so Vroom could come to consesus about when support could be automated versus when a human live agent was necessary.

Here's a close up of the chatbot flow