Affinity Diagrams

Laying out all your gathered feedback, bugs, ideas, or other data, on stickies and looking for patterns and groupings can clarify a complex design challenge. 02 For me, It's often useful to use different colors for direct quotes, user goals, user actions, and pain points.

User Flows

Working to figure out the paths people will take through tasks, where the pitfalls are, and how to make those paths clear is a great activity to visualize user concept models. 04

Sketches & Wireframes

I love assembling a rough wireframe or sketching the desired functionality and the flow of features. These deliverables are useful for aligning the team and testing usability.

Hi-Fi Mockups

I use Figma, Adobe CS, Axure, and other tools to craft high-fidelity mockups, so the entire team can verify we're on the same visual page.

Production Ready Assets

When it's time to add images, icons, or other visual assets, I export them from my mockups so the team has exactly what they need.

Web Development

I enjoy inspecting websites to enhance accessibility, updating copy, and crafting front-end code. I'm confident with HTML5, Sass, CSS, some JS, and BEM methodology.

Content Management Strategy and Development

I am experienced in setting up websites (content managment systems) for businesses. I have set up websites on SharePoint, Wordpress, Cargo Collective, Squarespace, Tumblr, and Google Sites, and am comfortable learning new content management systems.

Graphic Design & Illustration

There's no question that visual imaging communicates. Banners, hero images, brochures, social media stories and posts, flyers, email campaigns, and press releases enhance communication. I'm confident creating assets and designing communication channels.

Information Architecture

My talent for organizing input and records is fueled by my passion for making information findable and understandable.

Side Projects

Precious Trash MakerSpace


Matilda AV Club